More Doors Podcast – January 2024

Dive into the latest episode of the More Doors Podcast, Ep. 30 – From Mattresses to Multifamily Millions: Aaron Katz Blueprint for Success. Join hosts Nick Good, Brian Force, and Matt Buchalski as they sit down with the multifaceted founder of Aaron Katz Apartment Investing. This episode unravels the threads of Aaron’s unique journey from his family’s mattress business to creating a real estate empire in multifamily investing. Discover how his early experiences shaped his approach to building wealth and the transferable skills that propelled him to success. In this insightful conversation, Aaron Katz delves into the core principles that any budding or seasoned investor should take to heart-relationship-building, the centrality of education in the ever-evolving multifamily landscape, and the critical role of trusting one’s instincts in deal selection. We also explore value-add opportunities and the importance of following proven methods in real estate investing. Whether you’re looking for inspiration or practical advice on apartment investing, this episode is a trove of wisdom.


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