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Aaron Katz Apartment Investing works with investors who are dissatisfied with the low returns from savings accounts and bonds and investors who are concerned about the volatility of the stock market.

Aaron Katz Apartment Investing puts discerning investors’ capital to work for them by investing in exceptional multifamily properties in the best markets nationwide. Demand for multifamily rental units continues to grow and is driven by both the preference of certain demographics as well as unaffordable single-family homeownership options.

Aaron Katz Apartment Investing partners with investors for whom the stability of real estate investment appeals but the stress of property ownership does not. We give our investors the benefits of real estate investment through syndication, which is a group investment in a multifamily property.

I had the pleasure of working with Aaron Katz as a passive investor in multifamily deals, and I couldn’t be more satisfied with the experience. Aaron’s honesty and hands-on approach set him apart in the investing world. He genuinely prioritizes the needs of passive investors, ensuring that our interests are always at the forefront of every decision. His transparency and commitment to integrity instilled a sense of trust and confidence in me, making the investment process smooth and worry-free. I wholeheartedly recommend Aaron to anyone looking for a trustworthy and dedicated investing principal in multifamily deals.

Rob McKay

I first met Aaron while going to Lifestyles with a goal of investing and eventually sponsoring multifamily acquisitions. It didn’t take long to see that he had a passion for investing and managing multifamily projects and we happily partnered with him on his 1st deal, a 90 unit apartment in Arlington. We not only doubled our investment in a short amount of time but knew we had partnered with the right guy. He not only communicated the deal very well but consistently informed us of the progress and challenges along the way. His ability to work with management companies and partner with the right people brought the project to a successful outcome. We have since partnered with Aaron in several deals and he has always gone beyond expectations. We are blessed to have known and worked with Aaron and look forward to our opportunities to work with him again.

Kelly & Cecelia McCormack

Aaron Katz Apartment Investing as the “General Partner” or “Sponsor” takes care of all of the work involved in the syndication. This includes every element of the project such as: identification, acquisition, management, and optimization of the asset. This means our investors generally enjoy a genuinely passive income stream.

Aaron Katz Apartment Investing investors should potentially expect their passive income stream to remain stable even in the face of market fluctuations. This is possible because the yield is secured by tenant leases, the terms of which are set by state and federal regulations.

By investing in a Aaron Katz Apartment Investing multifamily real estate syndication our ‘Limited Partner’ investors enjoy multiple benefits. These include likely superior returns as well as the potential reduction of tax bills in real terms due to amazing tax benefits.

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Further Advantages Of Multifamily Investment

Aaron Katz Apartment Investing invests in apartment communities because we firmly believe that this is the best asset for building wealth while limiting exposure to market volatility.

Benefits of investing in multifamily real estate include:


Historically Stable Investment

Investing in multifamily property is a historically stable and proven way to create wealth and capitalize on tax-advantaged legislation


Exceptional Tax Benefits

Exceptional tax benefits include the fact that passive income from multifamily investments is taxed at a lower rate than regular income tax rates


Hedge Against Inflation

Shorter terms in multifamily rental leases mean that average rents can be strengthened by the ‘General Partner’ to keep pace with inflation


The Power Of Leverage

As a ‘Limited Partner’ in a multifamily syndication, investors benefit from leverage by pooling funds with other investors into prestigious properties

How It Works

Aaron Katz Apartment Investing uses our strict investment criteria to filter and source ideal properties in the multifamily market. These properties will be presented to you with information that will allow you to carefully evaluate the opportunity in line with your investment parameters and goals.

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