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We have been working with Aaron Katz for almost ten years. He has always been transparent, informative and professional with all of our business ventures. On average we have at least doubled our money within five years. He follows his deals closely to get the best performance. We consider him one of the best in the multi-family business.

Charles Lively, MD & Melanie Lively, MBA

Aaron was referred to me by a credible source and I couldn’t be happier with the performance of the assets I’ve invested in. I appreciate the reliable and detailed communication on a monthly basis. Aaron is helping me achieve financial freedom and is having a significant impact on my lifestyle with solid returns. I would highly recommend Aaron because of the consistency in returns and conservative approach when purchasing Multifamily properties.

Chad I.

Aaron Katz is the man! He has always been a wonderful steward of our resources and we’ve invested more than $250k with him. There’s never a question of what’s going on with his properties. He keeps us well informed and always has our best interests in mind.

John Haney

Aaron Katz makes passive investing so easy! He does extensive due diligence investigating properties and crunching numbers making sure we only get into deals that make good financial sense that are profitable for us all. He has never let us down and has only exceeded our expectations.

Sheila & Durward Webb

We have been investing in Multi-family deals with Aaron since June 2015. It has been instrumental in achieving our financial independence! On virtually every apartment investment with Aaron we have doubled our money through distributions, tax advantages, and capital appreciation.!! Aaron has done a superb job finding the deals and following up throughout the entire ownership period including the sale. He has done an OUTSTANDING job!!!

Tony & Karen Quartano

I have been working with Aaron for over 8 years and have nothing but good things to say about him. He is a fantastic person and has the ability to consistently select winning investments. He has always been willing to go the extra mile with any questions I have and responds quickly. He also continuously out performs his conservative estimates on potential investment gains. It has been a pleasure getting to know him and work with him and I plan to continue to trust him with my investments for many years to come.

J. Warner

We have known Aaron since 2012, and have been privileged to partner with him as passive investors in multiple deals over the years. Aaron is extremely knowledgeable in all facets of multifamily, and always continues his self education, while staying abreast of the latest market trends. He is straight forward, honest and open with his investors, and always responds timely to any questions or concerns we have. We cannot recommend Aaron highly enough, and would be glad to share our previous successful investment ventures with him on request.

Kevin & Ladonna Hill

Aaron is a man of integrity. Under-promises and over-delivers. With Aaron as the lead investor, I’ve never had to be concerned about my investment. I knew he would perform well.

My father always told me that when at the race track, not to bet on the horse, but to bet on the jockey. Aaron is a great jockey for apartment investing!

We have invested with Aaron on seven projects which have gone full circle. We are currently invested with Aaron on three other deals and are looking forward to more.

Lee & Geneva K.

When l invest in a multifamily property I am really investing in the lead investor team. That is why I have invested with Aaron Katz more than any other multifamily lead investor. It’s like stepping up to the plate knowing you are going to get a hit. With Aaron all I have to wonder is am I going to hit a base clearing double or a grand slam. I have so much confidence in Aaron’s experience and judgment that I introduced my sister to him. She just invested in her first deal and it is with Aaron.

Rob Straw

A Hearty “THANKS!” to Aaron Katz as a Multifamily Investor & Syndicator!!  I have had Numerous Successful investments with Aaron since 2015 & been very happy with the results!   I actually achieved big success almost tripling my money on the first Property & around 250% on the second. I never looked back & have subsequently achieved a 2X+ Multiple Return on the Majority of Investments with Aaron!  You will be impressed with his Full Disclosure through very thorough Monthly Reports. Also, he is always keeping up with current & potential trends & aggressive to avoid or correct any problems that might develop.  Finally, he proves he really cares about his Passive Investors by just doing a really good job on “everything.”  So thanks again Aaron & keep up the good work!  I look forward to additional investments in the near future, especially with the likely current “Buying Opportunities” available in the Market!

Wade Sellers

My wife and I have been investing with Aaron for over 10 years. He was the first lead investor we used when we were just getting into passive multi-family investing. I really appreciate Aaron’s commitment to conservative business cases, but then over performing on results. I have grown to genuinely trust Aaron; not only in finding good multi-family investments, but also in the way he deals with others around him. He has opened up tremendous opportunities for my wife and I and I hope we have the opportunity to invest with him for the next 10 years.

M. Wester

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